Super Sponge Featured in April 2014 Real Simple

Grouting Super Sponge for Cleaning – Featured in Real Simple March 2014

Extra Large Cleaning Sponge - Real Simple April 2014

A grouting super sponge was featured in the April 2014 Real Simple magazine as part of the “Cleaning Dream Team” power player. This extra-large sponge with high water capacity makes a must-have for grout installation, but can also be used as great cleaning tool for large areas that need to be cleaned. Use them on countertops, bathrooms and floors. The inexpensive price and the ability to reuse for many cleanings make this an economical and essential cleaning tool!

Real-Simple-Grout-Cleaning-Sponge-Special(read the article above or click the image to see a larger size)

This professional grade grouting sponge is extra-large, which makes this sponge a must have for cleaning vast areas such as kitchen countertops, flooring, and even your car! The overall size of this extra-large cleaning sponge is 7 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ x 2″, and with our economical price and standard shipping, you’ll want to stock up!

Grout Cleaning Sponge Real Simple 2014 Installerstore

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April 7th is National No Cleaning Day!
Installerstore National No Cleaning day

Today is National NO CLEANING DAY! So drop those mops, head outside, and enjoy the day! Or, use this time to browse our Spring Cleaning Sale and stock up on cleaners for the other 364 days of the year!

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Annual Spring Cleaning Coupon Code Event

It’s Time Again!! – Installerstore Spring Cleaning Sale

Installerstore Spring Coupon Code


Through April, SAVE 5% on all Floor Cleaner and Care items with the coupon code: SPRING14.

Stock up on your favorite cleaners such as Bona, Capture, TECH, Pergo, Squeaky Clean, Rock Doctor, Apex, AND MORE! You can even use the coupon for our full selection of mops and cleaning cloths! All items located in our “Floor Cleaner and Care” categories are eligible for the 5% coupon! Click HERE to start browsing this category!

Save 5% on Cleaners for…
Installerstore Bona Inventory Stone Cleaner and Care items
Save on Bona Hardwood and Hard Surface products!
Find GREAT Stone Cleaners as well as Stone Polish and Sealers.
Installerstore Vinyl Floor Care Products Installerstore Hardwood Floor Care
Stock up and save on your favorite Vinyl Floor Cleaner and Polish
Save on major brands of hardwood floor care items!
Browse our FULL line of Floor Cleaner and Care items

But Hurry! Coupon only valid through April! More details found on our Spring Cleaning Sale 2014!

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Installerstore – NEW Browse Floor Register Sizes

Browse Floor Register Sizes – Easy-to-Use Floor Register Browsing

NEW to! Browse decorative floor registers and standard floor registers by size! Now you can view all styles, finishes and patterns available in the EXACT size you need! No more paging through numerous pages of different registers, only to find the one style you like doesn’t have the size you need offered. Find cast iron vents oversized floor registers and even heavy-duty floor registers in the sizes you need!

This new and improved way to browse floor registers can be found under the main “Help” menu on the left hand side of our site, or on the main Floor Register page.

Click the “Floor Register” category located on the left-hand side of our site (located under the “Categories” menu).

Installerstore - Floor Register Sizes


Next, click the “Browse by Size” link located towards the top of the page.

Installerstore - Floor Register Sizes
Finally, simply click the size of the floor register you need to purchase (“A” listed in photo) or if you are viewing on a Mobile Phone or Tablet, click “List of All Sizes” (“B” listed in photo). For example, if you need to purchase a 2×12 floor register, simply click the “2×12″ text or image.
Installerstore - Floor Register Sizes

This will take you directly to the full list of registers you can purchase in the size you need!  Once you find a style you like, click the image or text to view the full description and pricing of that register.

Installerstore - Browse Floor Register Sizes


Remember to browse/purchase floor registers by the measurements of the actual opening in the floor. Still need more help on this topic? View our earlier information blog on “How to Measure Floor Registers and Grilles.”


Find a wider selection of floor registers and grilles on our just launched website, This easy-to-use “Browse Floor Registers by Size” is also available on this site. - Floor Register Sizes

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Tips on How to Apply Caulking

Removing old mildew infested caulking and replacing with bright new caulking is as easy as 1, 2, 3…..

1) Remove Old Caulk
Place 3M Caulk Softener on existing tub caulk and let stand for 2 hours. This wonder bottle can cover 24 linear feet at an 1/8″ bead, so one bottle should do the trick for your tub surround. Once the caulk softener has been sitting for at least 2 hours, remove old caulk with a putty knife or the caulk removal tool that came in the Professional Caulk Tool Kit (shown below). After removing the existing caulking, make sure to clean the area with rubbing alcohol and NOT water, to ensure that you’ve removed all traces of mildew. Let the area dry. Next, fill the bathtub with water before applying new caulk to ensure the strongest seal around the tub. Optional (and recommended): use Seal Rite Tape to keep application straight and neat.

Installerstore 3M Caulk Softener Installerstore - 8 Piece Caulk Tools
3M Caulk Softener -
Easily remove existing caulking.
Professional 8 Piece Caulk Kit
Remove, Finish and MORE!
Installerstore - Caulk Straigh Lines with Seal Rite
Caulk straight lines with Seal Rite Masking System!

2) Apply New Caulk
First, make sure the area is completely dry to achieve better seal. It is best to apply caulking in temperatures above 40 degrees farenheit. Load caulk tube into a caulk gun and cut tip to 45 degree angle or use tips included with the Professional Caulk Tool Kit. Start first on one of the shorter walls (usually the sides of the tub). When squeezing the trigger, keep moving and always pull the gun in opposite way the gun is pointing (see photo below). Keep constant pressure on trigger and don’t lift gun until you reach the corner.

Photo courtesy of Popular Mechanics Online

Photo courtesy of Popular Mechanics Online

Clean tip of caulking tube with paper towel between walls. Ease up on the trigger as you reach the end point (corner). When you are finished with all sides, run the caulk finisher (included in the kit) to smooth down and remove any access caulk. **Make sure to smooth down caulking and clean up any excess caulking within 20 min of applying** Want an easy, clean, stress free tool to help smooth down caulking? Try the Caulk-EZ Tooling Aid. An aerosol spay that goes on after caulking (before drying) which prevents excess caulk from sticking to your fingers and adjacent surfaces.

3) Let it Dry
Let caulk to dry/set according to the label of whatever caulking you are using, or if you are using the Colorfast Brand Caulking from our site, let stand for 24-48 hours before using the tub/shower. Remove Seal Rite Tape (if applicable) no more than 10 minutes after caulking applied.

Need to find a colored caulk that matches your grout or bathroom decor? Check out our website dedicated JUST to caulking!! Click the photo below or visit THIS link. Installerstore - Colored Caulk

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Installerstore – Cleaning Up The Winter Blues

Installerstore Winter Cleaning Tips

Stuck inside for the third or fourth straight day due to this crazy winter season? Your sanity may be getting a good wear and tear, and so has your flooring!! From salt stains on your carpet to muddy boot tracks on your hardwood, we are here to help solve all of your flooring stain problems!

Cleaners For Carpeted Areas

You knew at the beginning of the winter season what was going to happen…. muddy boot and salt tracks in your entryway. Instead of endless tiring scrubbing, make this years carpet clean-up easy with our full selection of carpet cleaners. Find everything you need to successfully clean your synthetic, cotton, sisal and even fragile wool entry carpets!

Classic & Effective Carpet Cleaner Convenient Carpet Cleaning Kit
Installerstore Carpet Aid Cleaner

Carpet Aid + works great on spot carpet cleaning!
Installerstore Convenient Carpet Cleaning Kit

Everything you need to fight stains on your carpeting! Mohawk Carpet Cleaning Kit
Browse ALL Of our Carpet Cleaners to find a cleaner that works for you!
Installerstore Carpet Cleaners

Stain Removers for Every Surface in Your Home

Carpet & Fabric Stain Remover Multi-Surface Stain Eliminating Kit
The BEST Carpet Stain Remover - Remove Red Stains from Carpet

Get those pesky red tinted stains out of carpet and fabric with this Red-Out Spot Remover from Nilodor.
Multi Surface Stain Remover from Motsenbocker

Multi-Surface Stain Removal kit from Mostenbocker’s allows you to remove all types of pesky stains!
Check out our FULL selection of stain removers!
Installerstore Effective Stain Removers

Rid Your Home of Obnoxious Odors

Finally, for those stains and smells from winter sickness (go away flu!) nothing gets the stink out like Installerstore‘s Odor Eating products!

Multi-Smell Destroyer Commercial Grade Odor Remover
Installerstore Odor RemoverReady-to-use Tech Skunk-X will remove (not cover up) skunk, pet, smoke smells and more!!
Odor Exploder - Commercial Grade Odor Remover

Deodorize multiple surfaces with Odor Exploder from Host. 

Preventative Options for Next Winter

Make sure to check out our full line of door and entry mats! Commercial grade to just plain funny, we have everything you need to protect your floors next winter!

Half-Moon Crest-Ridge Mat Single Crest-Ridge Mat
Commercial Crest Ridge Entrance Mat Half MoonCommercial Grade Half Moon Crest mat is fabric and rubber based making it durable for indoor and outdoor use.
Installerstore Crest-Ridge Entrance Mat Single Crest

This fabric and rubber Crest-Ridge mat are made of absorbent polypropylene and rubber gripper backing, which prevents falls.
View ALL of our entrance mats and humorous welcome mats!
Commercial Welcome Mats Installerstore

Only 47 days, 4 hours and 10 minutes until Spring!

Installerstore Blog Coupon Code

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Installerstore – Super Bowl Coupon Code Event

Installerstore Blog coupon code

2014 Super Bowl Coupon Code Event Coupon Code

Now through February 2, use the following coupon codes to SAVE 5% on your entire order (excluding shipping). Vote for who you think is going to win Super Bowl XLVII by using the teams corresponding coupon code. Not a football fan? Choose “Neither.” Codes can be entered during the checkout process and will deduct 5% from the price of your items.

Coupon Codes:
Broncos for the win: DENVER14
Seahawks for the win: SEATTLE14
Not a fan? Vote None: NEITHER14 Discount CodeValid on only.
5% discount on items only (not shipping)
Coupon codes expire February 2, 2014
Cannot be used in conjunction with any other code/discount

*Click the banners above for more information (and to go to our site)
Or visit this link.

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