Installerstore Accepting Amazon Payments! is Now Accepting Amazon Payments

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Use your Amazon account to log in and pay for items on, and! Now you don’t have to waste time digging for your credit card or retyping your address. During checkout, simply log in and pay with your Amazon account!


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“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” –John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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Installerstore Employee Halloween Costume Contest Winner


Congrats to employee Alesha who received the most votes from our “Halloween Coupon Code Event and Costume Contest.”

Thank you to everyone who participated in this fun event! Make sure to check back next year for another GREAT Halloween coupon code event!

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Installerstore Coupon Code Event – Halloween Costume Contest

Installerstore Coupon Code – Employee Costume Contest + Coupon Code Event

Help us pick the winner of our employee costume contest and SAVE 6% on your entire order

Installerstore coupon code now through October! Simply choose your favorite costume from the choices below. Use the employees corresponding coupon code with your order during check-out. Your vote will help that employee win a special prize and you’ll SAVE 6% on your order! Coupon codes can be entered during the check-out process. You can place your order by phone and still use the coupon code!

Coupon codes valid on only, and discount taken off of the items in your cart and not the shipping cost. Coupon only valid through October.





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NEW Decorative Round Vents – Circular Wood Grilles

Decorative Round Vents for Wall/Ceiling Use

Now Available! Decorative round wood grilles in 25 different patterns!

Round Decorative Wall Vents


These decorative round wood grilles can be used on the wall or ceiling and come unfinished so you can stain or paint them to match your decor. Each round wall vent is made of 1/4″ thick Baltic birch hardwood ply, and you are able to choose from 3 furniture grade veneers for the top: maple, oak, or cherry. Each veneer can be stained, but if you are going to paint this round wall vent, we recommend purchasing the maple veneer.
Pattern Cut Veneer Choices


Round Decorative Grilles by Pattern Cut Details:
-1/4″ Thick Baltic Birch hardwood ply
-Laser pattern Cut grills
-Available with pre-drilled installation screws or without
(screws included for screw holes)
-5 round sizes available (sizes listed for diameter of actual hole/opening in the wall/ceiling): 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″ and 14″.
-Choose from 25 different patterns (shown below)

Available Decorative Patterns for Round Wall Vents

These round wall/ceiling grilles are not meant to be used on floors. Make sure to measure the actual diameter of your wall/ceiling opening/duct work to determine size of grille you will need. If you need a size not listed on our site, these round decorative wood grilles can be custom-made to suit. The overall faceplate dimensions of this round decorative wood vent measure 2″ larger than listed size. For example, the 6″ round Pattern Cut grille has an overall faceplate dimension of approximately 8″ in diameter. These circular decorative vents are made to order, and ship direct from the manufacturer. Please allow 7-10 business days to make/ship from the manufacturer. These wood round grilles are considered special order/non-returnable, so please ask any questions you may have regarding these vents.

Round Wood Decorative Grilles

Finally find a round wall return with an attractive decorative pattern! Find this Pattern Cut Round Grill HERE.

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Summer Savior – Remove Efflorescence from Patio

Installerstore – How to Remove Efflorescence

Embarrassed to have backyard parties because of the efflorescence (salt deposits) on your concrete patio pavers or brick landscape walls? No need to cancel your summer party plans, because Aqua Mix Eff Ex is your summer patio savior!


Efflorescence (primary) is a cosmetic problem that can occur in natural and built environments. This deposit happens when water moving through a wall or other structure, brings salts to the surface that are not commonly part of the cement stone. The visible white, salt deposits are left behind as the water evaporates. These white deposits are known as “efflorescence. ” Because the salts that are brought out of the cement stone are not ordinarily a part of them, this makes primary efflorescence aesthetic issue only. With this type of primary efflorescence, there is not structural concern. Aqua Mix Eff-Ex is suitable to use with primary efflorescence.

Installerstore-Efflorescence-Wall Efflorescence-Brick-Wall
Primary Efflorescence on basement concrete wall Salt Deposits on outdoor brick wall
Patio-Pavers-Efflorescence Primary Efflorescence often occurs on masonry construction.
Large cracks with the efflorescence
could have structural problems (Secondary Efflorescence).
Patio bricks/pavers with primary efflorescence In the case of Secondary Efflorescence, contact professional.

To rid your masonry surfaces from the pesky and ugly deposits, and to help prevent further efflorescence, use Aqua Mix Eff-Ex. The easy-to-use product removes and inhibits primary efflorescence. This non-acidic, heavy-duty cleaner can be used on interior and exterior approved surfaces (see list below).

Use this great efflorescence remover can be used on:

  • Naural stone (such as marble, granite, slate, travertine, and limestone)
  • Porcelain
  • Quarry
  • Saltillo
  • Terr-cotta
  • Cement pavers
  • Masonry surfaces
  • Other porous tile and grout where a natural look is desired

**Aqua Mix Eff-Ex cannot be used on polished marble, polished limestone, or polished travertine surfaces. 

Recommended Tools needed
Installerstore Efflorescence Remover Installerstore Grouting Sponge Installerstore Big Scrub Brush
Aqua Mix brand Eff-Ex
Efflorescence remover
Extra Large
Large and easy-to-use scrub brush
Garden Hose highpressure-use wet-vaccum-use
Garden Hose (hooked up to spout)
High Pressure Washer
Vet Vacuum

Application of Aqua Mix Eff-Ex Efflorescence Remover:
Read entire label before using. Do NOT dilute the product. Pre-wet the surface with water (avoid puddling). Apply solution with mop, sponge applicator, paint roller or brush. Allow to dwell 30-60 minutes (do not allow to dry). Agitate with scrub brush and thoroughly rinse with clean water. For vertical surfaces such as masonry walls, use a garden hose or high-pressure washer may be used to rinse. Mop or wet vacuum up dirty solution. Heavy built-up efflorescence may require additional applications and a longer dwell time. Allow area to dry 24 hours prior to sealing area.

Directions to Inhibit Future Efflorescence:
Apply a thin coat of solution with mop, sponge applicator, paint roller or brush. Scrub into surface with scrub brush or scrub machine. DO NOT RINSE. Wipe dry any product remaining on the surface. Two to three treatments may be required to fully inhibit efflorescence. Allow area to dry 24 hours prior to sealing.

Start planning your next cookout after you use this must have efflorescence remover and inhibitor!

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Installerstore – Bad Dog Photo Contest Winner

Voting has ended… The votes have been counted… And the winner is….

Installerstore Bad Dog Photo Contest


Congrats to Sadie’s  owners, who won the great Restoration Prize Pack! Extra ear scratches for Sadie!!

Thank you to all who voted and submitted their photos!

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